Woven Progressions - Intermediate Weaves

Learn to add decorative flourishes and details to your baskets while we experiment with unique shapes.

You'll create a stunning braided market basket, an ever-useful tray basket, and a darling melon basket.

Braided Market Basket

Closed base basket worked with chicken feet. Start-stop woven walls.

A braid motif is worked into the wall using six reed strands. Swing handled with an x-lashed rim.

Dimensions: 14-inch x 12-inch, 16-inch tall handle when standing straight.

Coffee Table Tray Basket

A closed base basket worked w/chicken feet. Short, straight-side walls frame the tray. Finished with an x-lashed rim.

Set this on your coffee table to hold flowers, remotes or as a centerpiece in the dining room.

Dimensions: 20-inch x 14-inch x 3-inch.

Small Melon Basket

A small ribbed basket worked over two round hoops.

This is a great basket for home decor, garden harvesting, farmers market shopping, or gift basket.

Dimensions: 10 inches in diameter.

What you receive:

Full-Color Basket Pattern Instruction Guide

The pattern will include the following elements:
🧺 Materials list
🧺 Tools list
🧺 Cut list (lengths of stakes and other basket elements)
🧺 Outline of the basket weaving process
🧺 Written directions with photos demonstrating each step.

Basket Weavers Guide

The PDF Basket Weavers Guide includes:
🔍 Basket weaving glossary
🔍 Rattan basket materials guide
🔍 Weaving technique photo guide
🔍 Basket weaving tools guide

Video Tutorial

🎥 You will receive a series of bite-sized videos leading you through each step of the basket weaving process.
🎥 The videos are shot from multiple angles as I walk you step-by-step through the weaving process. 

Tips and Inspiration

💡We want to do everything we can to help you succeed on this journey.
💡Woven through the course are helpful tips, creative inspiration, resources, and sometimes discounts!

💡You may be weaving in the privacy of your own home, but you’re not alone.

Example Curriculum

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  Braided Market Basket Course
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  Coffee Table Tray
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  Small Melon Basket
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